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Brussels in Steely Blue

Brussels in Steely Blue - Some Travel Photography from the city of Brussels:

I spent a week in the belgian capital of Brussels last week, and while I was there I did some cityscape and travel photography. I’ve been to Brussels a few times, and I’ve posted some shots of the city that I’ve taken before. My previous visits were all in winter though, and this was the first time that I got to visit the city when it was actually warm.

The main tourist destination in the city is…

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Look Kids, Big Ben, Parliment

Look Kids, Big Ben, Parliament - London at night from the London Eye

I was doing some travelling last week and I was in Brussels for the first few days (more on that in another post) but for the weekend, I got to go to London as a birthday present! Amazingly enough, I’ve only ever been to London once before, which is kind of crazy as I’m only a short plane journey away, but anyway. I had a great time, and I wasn’t really taking too many pictures, as it was a…

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Big Ben and Westminster as seen from the #londoneye the other night.
#London #travel #fujifilm #night

The Right Place at the Right time

Sometimes it takes a lot of work and careful planning to make a great photo. Other times it’s just pure dumb luck. I’ve been travelling all this week, and I’m currently in the Belgian capital of Brussels. The other morning I was walking through the Botanical gardens early in the morning with my Trusty X-E1 and I was taking some pictures of the flowers, the lavender and the statues that are…

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Post to Instagram from Lightroom via Dropbox (and some other methods)

Post to Instagram from Lightroom via Dropbox (and some other methods)

Instagram is one of the more popular social networks and more and more photographers are sharing images there. This is causing some degree of controversy, as for some, Instagram should only be used for images taken on a smart phone. However, I think that the network has moved on. In my feed, I’d say 50% of photos were taken with a smart phone, and the rest are images from other cameras share via…

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A Belgian bee.
A bee on a lavender flower in the botanic gardens in #brussels. #fujifilm

Beautiful greenery in the autumn sunshine by the edge of the grand canal in #dublin. Love that #fujifilm green!

Fujifilm X-E1 + Photo Ninja = Awesome

As many of my long time readers know I’ve spent quite a bit of time going back and forward between different raw converters trying to get the best out of Fuji’s X-Trans files. While I use Lightroom as my main photo management and digital darkroom application, I’ve found that whet it comes to images from Fuji’s cameras you can get better results from a third party converter. In the past I’ve…

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Pit stop ! #vscocam

Nice lens flare!
Connolly train station in #dublin in the early morning sunshine!

Managing Raw + Jpeg files in Lightroom

I’ve posted a detailed article over on my Lightroom Diary website about how to manage Raw + Jpeg Pairs in Lightroom. This might be of particular interest to fellow Fuji X-Shooters who might want to have the option to use either the raw file or the Jpeg file.

If you shoot Raw + Jpeg pairs, Lightroom, by default just imports the Raw file and treats the accompanying Jpeg file as a “sidecar” file,…

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2 Quick Tips That May Help You Get Sharper Images on the Fuji X-E1

2 Quick Tips That May Help You Get Sharper Images on the Fuji X-E1

Over the months of shooting with my little Fuji I’ve discovered two things that can really help you get sharper pictures. While Fuji’s x-trans sensor and the excellent x-series of lenses generally produce sharp images, there are times when there are circumstances that may make for soft images, that aren’t necessarily bad technique on the part of the photographer. These tips may work for other…

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Can you hear me now ?

Nikon D750? Finally, A Successor to the D700?

Nikon D750? Finally, A Successor to the D700?

Nikon Rumors posted an interesting little tid-bit today, that I have to say has me quite excited. For some time now they have been reporting on the rumour that Nikon are to announce a new full frame DSLR at Photokina, but other information has been somewhat sketchy. Well, today, the site said that they’re pretty sure that the name of this mysterious new DSLR will be the D750. This little nugget…

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Lightroom Presets Bundle now Available

I mentioned this briefly last week when I was introducing my “Steely Blue” set of Lightroom presets. The first 6 of my Lightroom Preset packs are now available for sale in a digital bundle. I noticed that some people were buying all the presets at once and I wanted to make it a bit easier so I created a bundle. I also wanted to be able to give a discount if you buy all 6 at once, so I took the…

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