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Using Photo Ninja as a Plug-in with Lightroom 

How to use Photo Ninja as a plug in with Lightroom

Sunrise #vscocam

Autumn behind bars #vscocam

The Godpigeon #animaniacs

One Of my Favourite Times of the Year for Photography

The Beauty of Autumn In Ireland

Autumn has well and truly begun here in Ireland. The leaves are starting to turn and there is already a rich blanket of brown on the ground. Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year for Photography, second only to winter. “What? Winter? ” I hear you say. Well, yes, but more on that in a minute. 

Autumn has two great characteristics for photography, especially if you like photographing nature and landscapes, but even for other types of photography such as street photography for example. The obvious one is the beautiful fall colours. The browns and oranges of Autumn lend themselves to a warm and rich colour palette that is beautiful and inviting. Yet this is only one part of the equation. The other is the light.

The Autumn light in Ireland is beautiful. The slow change of the seasons starts to bring a warm and golden light to the country as the sun is lower and lower in the sky. Throughout the season this effect becomes more and more profound. Combined with the colours this can make for some great Photography. 

What was that about winter then? I hear you ask! Well, Winter is actually my favourite time of the year here in Ireland. The reason is simply the light. The quality of Irish winter light (when it’s not stormy or raining) is incredible. Because of our northern latitude, the winter sun is low in the sky which means that you get lovely long shadows, but also a soft and rich light as the suns rays are attenuated by the extra atmosphere that it’s passing through. On a good day you can get “Golden Hour” type light till nearly midday. It’s quite magical. Of course the downside is the cold, occasional downpour, wind, risk of hail, snow, storms and so on!

Here are some examples of the Beautiful Winter Light in Ireland (below)

The Blog Gets a Makeover and a new host

After years of hosting this blog on Wordpress and with my long time hosting provider, I’ve finally decided to move onto Squarespace. I had actually tried Squarespace before and wasn’t quite happy with it, but in the intervening years it’s become an incredibly powerful platform. The result is a brand new design, and a new layout, which puts more of an emphasis on the content, while being a more consistent design experience with my main portfolio and services site (which is also on squarespace)

The new platform has also allowed me to do a few cool things that I’ve wanted to do for ages, which will make things a bit easier for you the reader. The first is the new homepage layout. Here you’ll find a thumbnail layout of all the latest posts where you can see at a glance subjects that might interest you. If you want to see a more traditional blog layout, well that’s there too.

I’ve also added pages for specific sections. So, for example there’s now a page dedicated to Fuji X Cameras. This page shows all the posts that are dedicated to this topic in a nice grid of thumbnails, and the page also features a handy search box too if you’re looking for something specific. I’ve pages like this for several topics, including Lightroom, Street Photography and posts about my home country, Ireland.

Individual posts also get a gorgeous new layout, and everything is retina optimised and responsive. It looks great on my MacBook pro and it’s loading much faster than the old blog. There are still a few glitches that need to be ironed out, but everything seems to be working well so far.

There are a few minor things that might affect your viewing experience that you might want to be aware of. Some of the older posts don’t have the Lightbox enabled on the images within them, so clicking on photos will load them in a new page. This has to be fixed manually, and it takes forever, so I’m only dong it for popular posts. The images are all still there, but they just load in a separate tab if you click on them, rather than in a popup Lightbox.

The other issue that may be of concern is that your previous comments may behave strangely. The comments have all copied over and imported, but any email notifications will no longer work.

Update your RSS feed

If you subscribe to the blog by RSS you need to update your feed. The old feed will no longer be valid. I don’t know of any way to re-direct the old one, so I’m afraid you’ll have to manually change it. The new feed is located in the menu bar or you can copy and paste the address below:


Or click on the button below:

Subscribe to the Newsletter

If you have previously subscribed by email (but not the newsletter) that will no longer work either. If you want to receive updates by email, I’m only going to be doing this through the newsletter from now on. I’ll be sending out weekly digests of everything on the blog. If I come up with an easy way of allowing email notices for new posts, I’ll let you know. I also regularly update Twitter and Facebook, and post notices there of every new post, so if you want to follow that way, that’s another option

Some important news about the blog

Some important news about the blog

Over the last little while I’ve been having some serious issues with my hosting provider. Over the past weekend, I spent four days being unable to upload images to any of mu sites on the same server, and after constant back and forward, while the issue was resolved, customer support took forever, and skirted responsibility for the issue. Anyway, I’m not going to bad mouth them, and I’m not going…

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Autumn reflections

#fall #autumn #nature

Seeing green

#nature #macro

Autumn is coming

#fall #autumn #leaf #nature

Wheel grunge
Grungy detail on this old yellow wheel!
#texture #textures #decay #colour

#texture courtesy of a very dirty white road marking!
#abstract #textures #art

#rooftops of the grand place in Brussels. #alwayslookup :-)

#travel #Europe

Autumn Lightroom Preset Sale

As it’s my favourite time of the year for Photography, to celebrate Autumn, I’m knocking a third off the price of some of my Lightroom Presets for the month of September. Film Candy, Quick Lux and Monolith are all reduced by a third for the month. The normal price for these was €15 but for the month of september you can get them for €10 each.

Film Candy


Film Candywas my first set of Lightroom…

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