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Writing outline for my next book on xtrans post processing.

Video: “Sakura” Cherry Blossoms in Stephen’s Green

Video: “Sakura” Cherry Blossoms in Dublin’s St. Stephen’s Green Park

I’ve been fascinated by Cherry trees for a long time. I love the beautiful delicate flowers that bloom for only the most fleeting of times. In Dublin we have quite a few trees about the city, but in St. Stephen’s Green park in the centre of the capital there are some beautiful and large trees. I’ve been photographing them for many years, but this season I wanted to capture the delicate movements…

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Filming some cherry blossoms

Processing Fuji Images “Flat” from Iridient Developer and Finishing in Lightroom

Processing Fuji Images “Flat” from Iridient Developer and Finishing in Lightroom

I’ve written before about some of the advantages of processing Fuji RAW files in a third party piece of software such as Iridient Developer or Photo Ninja. Personally, Iridient Developer is my preferred tool for this task (although Photo Ninja does a great job too). The only problem with this workflow is the length of time it takes. Because you need to sort first, and then go through the images…

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Fuji Colour Profile Presets for Lightroom to help speed up your workflow.

Now that Lightroom has added colour profiles for Fuji’s x-series of cameras, you may want to use them regularly in your processing. Rather than having to go down to the calibration menu each time and find the profile in the list (which can be quite long if you have VSCO installed) I’ve created a set of presets for each of the main profiles. This way you just have to click on the relevant preset.

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A Quick Look at the new Fuji Colour Profiles in Lightroom 5.4

Now that Lightroom finally ads colour profiles for the various picture modes that come with Fuji’s X-Series cameras, I thought I’d give them a quick review. I’ve already played around wight the velvia profile and found it quite pleasant. Today, I was out shooting so I took some time to go through all the picture modes so that I could compare the Jpegs to the Raw files processed using the relative…

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How to get a subject to fit in the frame if you’re too close by using the Brenizer method

Here’s a problem I had the other day, that I’m sure you’ve come across at some point. I was walking along and I saw this cool painted bike chained to the railings by the canal where I was walking. It was a great subject and I really wanted to get a photo of it, but I only had my 35mm lens with me on my Fuji XE1. This unfortunately wouldn’t fit the bike in frame. This was as wide as I could get.


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Cherry Blossoms with the Fuji XE-1 and the New Fuji Colour Profiles in Lightroom 5.4

Cherry Blossoms with the Fuji XE-1 and the New Fuji Colour Profiles in Lightroom 5.4

I absolutely love Cherry Blossoms. They’re my favourite flower and I love the way they herald the start of spring and the end of the winter. I hope that sometime I will be able to visit Japan during the Cherry Blossom season, but for now I’ll have to make do with the trees around Dublin. Actually, there are quite a few around the city, especially in Stephen’s Green park in the centre of the…

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Lightroom 5.4 and Lightroom Mobile Released

While I was wrong that there would be a major upgrade to Lightroom this week, I was right in my suspicions that something was coming. It turns out that not only did Adobe release an upgrade to the desktop version, but they also released “Lightroom Mobile”, an iPad based companion app that uses smart previews and Adobe’s cloud services to sync selected collections and perform ratings and edits on…

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Saturday Speculation: Lightroom 6 at Photoshop World Next Week?

Just a quick disclaimer. I don’t have any rumours or inside information. This post is just meant as a bit of fun, and this is pure speculation, so if that bothers you, turn away now :-)

I am wondering if we might see a new version of Lightroom at next week’s Photoshop World. At the very least I think we might see a beta of the next version. I don’t have any hard facts or inside information, but I…

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Shooting HDR with the X100

An experiment in shooting HDR images on the Fuji X100, and processing in Photomatix and Lightroom

I went out to shoot some street photos around Dublin yesterday and I ended up conducting an impromptu experiment. I had taken my two fuji cameras with me. My X100 and XE–1. The XE–1 had the 35mm lens on it and the X100 with its wider 23mm gave me a good amount of flexibility. However, I ended up just using the X100 the whole time. As I was walking through Dublin, I’m not sure whether it was the…

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Precariously shooting HDR


Great Knockers!

Some of the many wonderful Door Knockers found around Georgian Dublin

Pont Des Arts in Paris and The Love Locks

Images of Pont des Arts in Paris, before and after the Love Locks arrived, and some thoughts on the Phenomenon

I recently came across a story on the Guardian’s website that reported that Parisians are calling fort the “Love Locks” that have taken hold of the Parisian bridges to be banned. It was coincidental because I’ve been following this Love lock phenomenon with some interest. They appeared here a few years ago too, completely taking over and damaging Dublin’s iconic Ha’Penny bridge.

The ones in…

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While photos taken with iOS devices tend to stand above the rest, video capture has always been “meh.” 

But now, a new app called Ultrakam boosts the iPhone’s video capture to 2K resolution at 24fps, which is roughly 70% more pixels that regular HD! 

Ultrakam Turns Your iPhone Into a Video Powerhouse

via The Photoblographer 

Would love to try this but I only have a 5 and not 5s

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