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Molly’s Malone statue in its new temporary home outside the tourist office in #dublin. #lovedublin #molly

Landscape Gold for Lightroom - now available

I’m delighted to announce the launch of my latest set of Lightroom presets, “Landscape Gold for Lightroom”. Landscape Gold is designed to give your images a golden hue. It creates a look which aims to mimic the effect of bright golden sunshine that is often seen in warmer climates early in the morning or late in the afternoon. While it is primarily designed for landscapes it works well with other…

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VSCO Cam and VSCO Grid

VSCO Cam and VSCO Grid

VSCO Camhas been around for a while, and I’ve been using it off and on since it came out, but lately I’ve been spending a lot more time on the App. VSCO Cam is an iPhone (and Android) photography app. It consists of a camera and some editing tools. Ok, that’s the boring explanation! As the name implies, it’s from the same people who make the superb VSCO Film presets for Lightroom, and they’ve…

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Dublin docklands right now !#vscocam

Busy birds ! #nature #birds #feedthebirds #pigeons #dublin

A budding flower #nature #macro #flowers #summer

A Sneak Peek at some of my upcoming Lightroom Presets

I’ve been busy working on some new Lightroom preset packs, the first of which is almost ready for release.

Landscape Gold

Called “Landscape Gold”, it is another one of my Aperture presets that I’ve been busily porting to Lightroom. I’m in the final stages of developing the set, and I hope to have it released later this week. Landscape Gold, as the name implies, is designed primarily for…

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Pink road cones. #vscocam #weird #photography #dublin #ireland

Woman walking along the beach on #Dublin bull island with the poolbeg power station in the background #dublin #ireland #landmark #summer

Bumblebee on a yellow flower! #nature #insect #flowers #summer

Wild daisies #vscocam

Photography Web Roundup - July 18th

Photography Web Roundup – July 18th

This weeks featured image, is in celebration of summer, and is a cheerful little bumblebee going about its business, that I happened to come across the other day while out taking photos

It’s time for another weekly roundup of interesting photography related tid-bits from around the web. This weeks is going to be a short entry as I’ve been very busy all week, and haven’t been able to do my usual…

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Old flats in Dublin #vscocam #photography #olddublin

Tourists outside a pub in Dublin City #vscocam #dublin #lovedublin

Today’s weapon of choice: old faithful! #photography #nikon #d700 #50mm

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