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9 Features Every DSLR Should Have Now 

Great article from PetaPixel on how many DSLRs are missing out on modern camera features that are present in mirrorless, compacts and even smart phones.

Swans and Seagulls - In Cinemascope

Swans and Seagulls - In Cinemascope.

Here’s a little distraction for those monday morning blues. It’s a little video I shot a few weeks ago that I’ve been messing about with in post ever since. The goal was to try some techniques for “shooting flat” in the camera (in this case a 5D Mark II) which turned out to be a bit trickier than I expected. I actually started in the television and film industry before Photography took over my…

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As Sony Looks Forward, Nikon Looks Back: Thought on the The Nikon DF

To say the release of the Nikon DF was hyped is something of an understatement. I don’t know…

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Sony Gets Serious with E-Mount

I’m, a little late with this one, but it’s a pretty big deal so I wanted to write something about…

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Sony RX100 Is a Pocket Camera a Pro Can Love - NYTimes.com 

David Pogue loves the Sony RX100. I can’t wait till this gets released over this side of the pond. Sony could really be on to a winner with the RX100.

Leica’s fame was built on the work and celebrity of Henri Cartier-Bresson. However, I cannot imagine it would please HCB to see the “luxe” direction Leica is taking. Bresson believed in the power of photography. Before his death, he created a photographic center in Paris to encourage and exhibit the work of photographers, mostly Leica photographers. If he were alive today, I have to believe he would urge Leica to invest a little more in the future of cameras as “working tools” rather than in the future of cameras as “investments.”
Interesting point of view from Imaging Resource. It’s worth reading the whole article.

Hands On With The Fuji X-Pro 1 

A first impression from yours truly!

Steve Huff Reviews The Olympus OM-D E-M5 

Comprehensive real world (i.e. no charts) review by Steve Huff. 

Olympus OM-D HD Video Samples and Fuji X-Pro 1 side by side video test 

Steve Huff compares the video of both cameras. The Olympus is the clear winner, by a long shot. What’s really impressive is how well the 5-axis stabiliser works on the Olympus. 

Nikon D800-D800E First Comparison 

Luminous Landscape compares the two models. In a nutshell they find the D800E is definitely sharper with more resolution and they didn’t discover a major moire problem either. You should check out their analysis. 

Nikon D3200 previewed 

Nikon’s new entry level camera gets a ridiculous megapixel count. I presume this is the same sensor from the Sony A77. I really don’t understand the need for 24mp in a consumer level camera. It just makes no sense other than the fact that consumers are more likely to be discerning based on tech specs. 

Nikon releases 28mm f 1.8g Prime Lens. Looks promising. It’s full frame and it has a reasonable price point so liokks like a winner. Not sure 28mm is the ideal focal length for a prime, but still.

(via Nikon 28mm F1.8G Lens | Fro Knows Photo)

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