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Nikon D750? Finally, A Successor to the D700?

Nikon D750? Finally, A Successor to the D700?

Nikon Rumors posted an interesting little tid-bit today, that I have to say has me quite excited. For some time now they have been reporting on the rumour that Nikon are to announce a new full frame DSLR at Photokina, but other information has been somewhat sketchy. Well, today, the site said that they’re pretty sure that the name of this mysterious new DSLR will be the D750. This little nugget…

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Today’s weapon of choice: old faithful! #photography #nikon #d700 #50mm

Weekly Photography News and Inspiration Roundup

Weekly Photography News and Inspiration Roundup

It’s another Friday and that means it’s time for another roundup of photography related news and links that I found interesting during the week. Incidentally this week’s featured photo is “Wild Grass” (by me!) and was taken with the D700 and processed using VSCO Film 4.

Nikon D810


The big story this week is Nikon’s release of the D810. I think many people were expecting a relatively minor…

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Shooting with a 35mm Nikon DX lens on an FX Body (D700)

About a month ago I was having coffee with a friend and he was showing some pictures he had taken with his 35mm DX lens on his D800. Because of the sensor resolution on the D800, even cropped you’re still getting a fairly large image. In his set, he also had a few pictures that he had taken with the DX crop mode turned off, and they were mostly ok, apart from some severe vignetting. This piqued…

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And that’s exactly how it turned out when I took the Nikon Df on a walk around my neighborhood. Shooting in Aperture-priority mode, I found the front command dial to be usable, but not as good as more typical dials on other high-end DSLRs. I like to shoot in Aperture-priority and make heavy use of exposure compensation. On the Df, the exposure compensation dial requires you to press a locking button to make a change. It can be done by feel without taking your eye off the viewfinder, but it’s still slower and less convenient to use than most exposure compensation controls on modern, advanced DSLRs.

And that is my single biggest issue with the Nikon DF. The location and design of the exposure compensation dial is utterly stupid.

Nikon Df Review: First Shots

The Nikon Df Camera Review by Steve Huff 

Speaking of DF Reviews, here’s one by Steve Huff. 

As Sony Looks Forward, Nikon Looks Back: Thought on the The Nikon DF

To say the release of the Nikon DF was hyped is something of an understatement. I don’t know…

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Nikon Releases D610 - Upgraded version of the D600. Some thoughts on the new camera

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Seagull Dogfight

Nikon D800-D800E First Comparison 

Luminous Landscape compares the two models. In a nutshell they find the D800E is definitely sharper with more resolution and they didn’t discover a major moire problem either. You should check out their analysis. 

Nikon D3200 previewed 

Nikon’s new entry level camera gets a ridiculous megapixel count. I presume this is the same sensor from the Sony A77. I really don’t understand the need for 24mp in a consumer level camera. It just makes no sense other than the fact that consumers are more likely to be discerning based on tech specs. 

Nikon releases 28mm f 1.8g Prime Lens. Looks promising. It’s full frame and it has a reasonable price point so liokks like a winner. Not sure 28mm is the ideal focal length for a prime, but still.

(via Nikon 28mm F1.8G Lens | Fro Knows Photo)

Landscape Photographer Bernard Languillier Shares his initial impressions of the Nikon D800 

Writing for Luminous Landscape Bernard Languillier has a good round up of pros and cons based on using the D800 for a few weeks. Overall he seems impressed.

Nikon announces its new flagship camera, the Nikon D4. 

Nikon Rumors has superb coverage of the launch with links to the lots of sites posting information this morning.

Of particular interest, is Joe McNally’s experiences with the camera.

(via The official announcement: Nikon D4, AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G lens, Wireless Transmitter WT-5 | Nikon Rumors)

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