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Random Acts of Photography - Street Photography Update Edition

It’s a beautiful monday morning here in Dublin today, and to get the week started it’s time for another edition of Random Acts of Photography. I’ve been doing a lot of Street Photography recently, or photography that could roughly be called street photography. Either way, the photos have been piling up, and so I thought I’d share a few of my recent ones….at random of course!

These were shot on a…

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Street Photography Pairs with the Fuji X-E1

Street Photography Pairs with the Fuji X-E1

I was out shooting some street photography earlier today with my trusty little Fuji X-E1 and I noticed that I had taken a lot of portrait orientation shots. As I was sorting through the shots I noticed that all the vertical images paired up nicely, so I thought I’d do a set of paired images, just for the fun of it. All of these were taken around the streets of Dublin city, using a Fujifilm X-E1…

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Cool street art as seen in a building in #Dublin
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After seeing endless photo series of Manhattan’s legendary skyline, Brooklyn-based photographer Navid Baraty wanted to capture the city from a different perspective. 

In his Intersections series, Navid looks down instead of up, capturing street corners from a bird’s-eye view.

NYC’s Bustling Intersections as Seen From Above

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Street Shooting from the Hip - Tips for making use of your Camera’s Features

One of the types of street shooting that I like to do is to walk along with my camera on a busy street and pick out interesting people form the crowd. I’ll keep my camera on its strap around my waist and “shoot from the hip” so as not to draw too much attention. It’s a tricky skill to master at first but once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun and get you some great shots. There are…

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Random Acts of Photography: Streets of Dublin Edition

If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you’ve probably already heard me going on about my “Streets of Dublin” project. It’s basically, a little photography project I started last year cataloguing life on the streets of Dublin. I found that I was taking a lot of pictures of Dublin and I wanted to showcase them, so I started a Tumblr blog and a Facebook pageand began posting one or two…

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Photographic Ideology and The Accidental Street Photographer

New Blog Post: Photographic Ideology and The Accidental Street Photographer

Lately I’ve been identified by several people as a “Street Photographer”. This kind of took me by surprise, as it’s not something that I ever really considered myself to be until recently. I certainly never set out to be a street photographer. I started heading out on photo walks across the city as a way of practising my craft and it kind of snowballed from there. The more I went out with my…

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Random Acts of Photography: Colour & Texture, Light & Shade

Random Acts of Photography: Colour & Texture, Light & Shade Edition

Walking through Dublin when the light is good (it does happen!) is always a feast for the artistic minded eye. Whether it is the colours of the city, the greens of Stephen’s green, or the glowing bronze of Molly Malone, or it’s the textures of the buildings, there’s always something to see. This time of the year, when the sun is out, it’s still fairly low, so there are some great long shadows too.

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Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time

There’s one thing about street photography that is pretty important to the genre, and that’s the aspect of luck. In commercial photography, or travel, or portrait, or food, you are in control of everything and you can work whatever needs to be worked to get the picture you want. In street photography, you’re somewhat at the disposal of the whims of fate. While you can always get good shots with…

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I wax lyrical on the frustrations of being an artist, the passion of being a photographer, and share some black and white images.

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After a week of stormy weather, I ventured out to take some photos of Dublin’s red bricked buildings with my XE-1

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New Blog Post: “I go when the light tells me to”

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Shooting the beautiful light of the Irish winter sunshine on the streets of Dublin City with a Sony Nex-7

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Random Acts of Photography, New Year Edition

Spot the Old Lady!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these “Random Acts posts, and so,…

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A look back at my Favourite Photos of 2013

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