Rare Color Photos from World War II

Due to costs and scarcity, the vast majority of photos captured during World War II were shot on black-and-white film. Some images were captured in color, however, and those rare shots reveal what scenes from the Second World War looked like to people in them.

Some really amazing images in this collection. These aren't "coloured in" photos either, they are proper colour images from the time, and they're really high quality too. The photos will be part of a new book on the war being released by the Imperial War Museum in the UK.

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Nikon D7500 Announcement Expected This Week

There have been a lot of rumours about the not yet released D7500, and if they turn out to be true, depending on the price, this could be a very interesting little camera. It has the potential to be a cheaper version of the D500 which has been widely praised. I'm quite curious to see this if the rumours turn out to be accurate, and I'm especially curious to see if the video features are any good. 

(By the way, the original article says "Next Week", but that was posted last week, so now it's this week! Do you see where I'm going with this? )

Botting on Instagram

This is a really interesting article on PetaPixel by Calder Wilson about the use of Bots to generate likes and increase people followers. It's a really interesting and worthwhile read if you use instagram, and it's a bit of an eye opener. If you use instagram a lot you will immedietly recognise some of the things he talks about here. 

Dp Review Reviews the Fuji GFX 50

A very comprehensive review as always from Dp Review. Some interesting points made throughout it and the conclusions are surprisingly complex. For example, while they say:

Overall, this is the best image quality we've ever seen. Which is what you'd hope for, given it's one of the most expensive cameras we've ever reviewed.

They also point out...

And though it does offer the best combo of dynamic range, resolution and noise performance of any camera on the market, it only beats its full frame competition by a small amount. The Nikon D810, Pentax K-1, Canon 5DS R and Sony a7R II all offer 90% or more of what the Fujifilm offers in terms of IQ, at a substantially lower price and weight, with a far more versatile lens selection that, at times, allows these systems to overtake the GFX in terms of low light performance and subject isolation (shallow DOF).

Overall they gave it 85% and a gold rating. It's well worth a read if you're interested in this camera.

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro Real World Video Samples and First Impressions

A good first look review of the new Blackagic URSA Mini Pro from my favourite video gear reviewer, Johnie Behiri at Cinema 5D. What I love about his reviews, is he always shoots an actual short project as the test, and not just some random footage. So what does he think. This quote sums it up:

The new model is literally better in every aspect. In fact, in my opinion, it is the most robust and mature camera that Blackmagic Design has ever made.

That pretty much says it all really. (But read the full article anyway)

Canon 5D Mark III gets 4K Raw Video thanks to Magic Lantern

No, you didn't read that wrong. With all the rumours about the 5D Mark IV getting updated video features, the impressive gurus at Magic Lantern have figured out how to get 4K off the 5D Mark III. What's more is they're doing it at a full frame crop. Oh, and it's RAW. 

It's still at the experimental stage, and not ready for use yet, but it's impressive that they've been able to do this. It's also kind of embarrassing for Canon that you can get full frame 4K off the older camera and the newer model is limited by a large crop factor (for now). It will be interesting to see how good this looks when it's a bit more stabilised.

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More Rumours about a Possible Upcoming Canon 5D Mark IV Firmware

Canon Rumors has more information on the possible firmware update that has been rumoured for the Canon 5D Mark IV. As well as getting C-Log, the firmware is also now rumoured to bring a revised crop factor, a 3K mode and a new codec.

It's worth pointing out that, despite several websites reporting on this like it's a done deal, it's still just a rumour, but having said that if this is true, the 5D Mark IV just went to a whole other level for video, and will certainly be more level competition for Sony. 

Ming Thein joins Hasselblad as Chief of Strategy

Hasselblad has announced that commercial photographer and blogger Ming Thein has been appointed its Chief of Strategy. Thein is known for his popular blog, and is no stranger to Hasselblad as a former ambassador for the company. In addition to his photography chops, Thein brings a degree in Physics from Oxford and years of experience working in finance and private equity firms to Hasselblad. Plus, we think he's got some good ideas about how cameras should function.

Kudos to him for getting this role. I've been following Ming Then for many years, and he has been a great source of inspiration. I wish him all the best in this new venture.

via Digital Photography Review

Source: https://www.dpreview.com/news/0645006399/m...

New Website to Offer Free RAW photos to practice editing

A new site, due to launch soon, called Wesaturate, plans to offer RAW files for people to download, so that one can practice raw editing if you don't have access to a camera that shoots RAW, or alternatively, I presume it will be useful for trying raw files from specific cameras (if it will let you search for specific cameras).

According to Dp Review:

Wesaturate is tentatively scheduled for a full launch on April 17, though at the moment it is only accepting email addresses from those who want to be notified about the launch. A single image is currently offered on the site in both Raw and JPEG formats; it, and others uploaded later on, are offered with a Creative Commons Zero license. Once the site fully launches, users will be able to share their own photos with the Wesaturate community.