Seven Reasons Why Thom Hogan is still a Nikon DSLR User

Interesting article from Thom Hogan about why he still prefers to shoot with a DSLR over Mirrorless. I have to say, that even though I use mirrorless cameras myself, I agree, or at least see his point of view on many of the reasons that he lists. Apparently this post has caused quite a bit of controversy since it was first published, mainly from people not understanding that this was someone expressing an opinion about his on use, and not making sweeping statements about the whole industry.

(When I see people's reactions to these kinds of editorials, I'm constantly reminded of the Judge in The good Wife who keeps insisting that the lawyers use the phrase "In my opinion" when stating an opinion.)

Even if you are a mirrorless fan, if you're open minded it's a great read.