Photographer Sues Getty Images for $1 billion over alleged copyright infringement

From DpReview:

Photographer Carol M. Highsmith is suing Getty Images for $1 billion over its alleged copyright infringement of 18,755 of her photos. The lawsuit, which was filed in a New York federal court on July 25, alleges that Getty Images has been charging fees to license her images without her permission – the same images she has provided to the Library of Congress for free use by the public. In addition to distributing her images, the lawsuit alleges that Getty did not give Highsmith proper credit for her photos.

I'm shocked, but not really surprised by how Getty did this. She found out that had used here images when they tried to claim infringement against her over her own use of one of her own images. The story is well worth a read. I'm not sure how Getty can get out of this one.

TorrentFreak had a good report on this the other day too.