My Dream Nikon Camera

Fake Nikon D-790 With Photokina just around the corner, and with most of the major manufacturers probably going to announce new cameras, I’ve been thinking about what my ideal camera would be. Without getting into brand wars and camera maker loyalty, I am particularly keen to see what Nikon will announce. They’ve been on a roll lately with the D500 and the D5 and considering that the D810 and D750 starting to look a little old, an announcement might be on the cards.

I’ve been shooting with the D700 for over 7 years now, and it’s still one of my favourite cameras to shoot with. I’ve never replaced it because I don’t think any of the cameras that came after it had the same secret sauce that made the D700 so great. (Also, I just never got round to it) I do really like the look of the D750, but it has Nikon’s more consumer level control layout (from the D7000 series), and I really love the pro-type layout from the D700. Then there’s the D810, which does have the pro level layout, but I’m not sure I need the 36mp sensor, and having used a D800, I was’t as fond of it as I am of my D700. I found the design a little chunky and clunky compared to the older model (To be fair, I really didn’t use it for that long).

When the D500 was announced a little while ago, I was really impressed. I think that it represents a new design and a new platform for Nikon to base future models on. I would consider it, if only it were full frame. I know there is a lot of debate out there about the merits of full frame vs APSc and that many believe that there is no difference in quality any more, but for me, full frame is more about the look than the quality. But the D500 body is a really nice design. Which leads me to my ideal Nikon camera… (for now)

What I would love to see is a version of the D500 with the sensor from the D750 (or even the D5). In the same way that the D700 used the sensor from the D3 at the time, I really wish Nikon would repeat that pairing. In this fantasy of mine, I’ll call it the Nikon D790.

So apart from the D500 body with a 20-24mp full frame sensor, what else would this fantasy D790 have. Well, here’s a few more specs from my fantasy spec list!

  • D500 Style Body
  • Tilting Touch Screen
  • Wifi
  • 4K Video with full frame readout, or s35 crop (at most)
  • Mic + Headphone Socket
  • Flat or Log profile for Video
  • Dual SD or XQD Card Slots
  • 6-8 fps
  • Radio flash trigger
  • D5 Autofocus System
  • D500 Auto Lens Calibration

All this is just a bit of fun, and I’m not overly optimistic that something like this might actually see the light of day at Photokina. After all, we’ve been waiting for years for a true D700 spiritual replacement, but you never know.

Still, while on the subject of fantasy Nikon cameras, another alternative version of this, which may be more likely to happen some time soon, is a new version of the D810 (Again, Ideally with the new D500 body style and all its ancillary features) but with the same 42mp sensor that’s in the Sony A7RII. I think something like this must be in the pipeline if Nikon want to compete with the Canon 5DS and 5DSR.

This is all just a bit of fun by the way, so don’t take this too seriously. After all, one can dream!


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