Canon 5D Mark IV Review with Real World Video Samples and First Impressions from cinema5D

Cinema 5D takes a first look at the New Canon 5D Mark IV, with some sample footage.

The wait is finally over and here’s our Canon 5D Mark IV Review. It’s a whole 60g lighter than its predecessor. But will it satisfy the hungry DSLR video user who has been waiting for Canon to come up with a better priced 4K DSLR camera? What’s more, will this camera bring back all those users who once owned a video capable Canon DSLR camera, but ended up looking elsewhere?

Incidentally, the video shot by Johnnie Behiri is so much better than Canon's official sample video. The video that Canon are using as the official sample is terribly shot and would actually put you off buying the camera. They really should hire proper professionals when shooting video for camera launches. They do it for demoing the stills capabilities, so maybe think of doing the same for video Canon.

Source: Canon 5D Mark IV Review – Real World Video Samples and First Impressions | cinema5D