The Three Features that I’m most looking forward to in the next Fuji Firmware Updates

Fuji made a high profile announcement yesterday about upcoming firmware releases for the X-Pro 2 and XT-2. The full set of improved features has been listed in many places, so I won’t re-type the full set here. Instead I wanted to briefly talk about the three features that I’m most looking forward to, which are (numbers are from the list on Fuji's site):

9. Addition of a smaller Focus Point size in Single Point AF
The update adds a smaller Focus Point size in Single Point AF, bringing the total number of available sizes to six. The new smallest size facilitates pin-point focusing.

This has been my biggest point of frustration with the X-Pro 2. I have repeatedly found it difficult to focus on small objects, especially if there are other things nearby in the frame. Hopefully this will address that.


23. Name Custom Settings
The update allows you to assign a specific name to Custom Settings 1 - 7.

I think this is a great idea. It gets a bit confusing just having them named 1-7. 


19. Addition of "Eye Sensor + LCD Image Display" in the View Mode
The update gives the "Eye Sensor + LCD Image Display" option in the View Mode that allows you to shoot through the viewfinder and check images on the LCD, just as you would with an SLR.

It’s great that this is finally being added. I also find it frustrating that you can’t do this out of the box, so kudos to Fuji for recognising that this is a need.

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